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O DONO deste BLOG (enquanto o Google deixar). Born in 1976, my Father was an Indian Doctor and my Mother an American-Irish English teacher. I was born and raised here in Brazil. I have travelled a bit and out of the 5 continents, I still need to know Africa and Australia. Nascido em 1976, filho de um Médico de Goa criado em Bengal e de uma Professora Americana de descendência Irlandesa. Nasci e fui criado aqui no Brasil. Já viajei um bocado mas posso dizer que dos 5 continentes só não conheço a África nem a Oceania.

domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Vai ser Fresco assim lá na Amércia do Norte

Why are North Americans so Sissy???

I mean, a 14 year old already has pubic hair and biologically speaking can already be a parent, so why  the fuck  do they make all that commotion for? THIS IS RIDICULOUS
Unless, of course, the kid is gay and his parents got offended by him having heterosexual relations with such a beautiful woman, in which case I would understand. So if this is the case please forgive me, although I have a strong hunch that it is not the case.

If I were a lawyer I would take this case and defend this young lady for free! Well, not for free, I'd promptly introduce her to my 12 year old nephew and hope for chemistry, haha.

You guys should go learn something from, say, Charlie Sheen. There's someone who could teach the country a thing or two. Thank goodness not all americans are woossies, but oh, wait a minute...
Charlie's a Latin descendant. Damn, and I though there was hope for you ignorant hypocritical Star-Spangled freaks.

Here in São Paulo a School found out that their 26 year old teacher had been dating her 16 year old student, she was sent away but no police involved or anything.

WTF is wrong with you Americans??? You've got this fake sense of morality that is really hard to swallow. I mean if a guy looks at a girl's parts, he can be sued! Again, that's ridiculous!

Lamento não ter tido a mesma sorte desse jovem norte-americano com meus 14 anos.

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